Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Right now I'm struggling.

I have no idea where I am weight-wise. I keep telling myself, I'll track what I eat tomorrow. Pretty soon tomorrow has to turn into TODAY or I am going to spiral out of control. Right now I am even making cookies!

The one thing that I have going well right now is activity. My boyfriend and I have a gym membership and he's been on me to go every free moment we have. On the one hand, I'm grateful for the support and encouragement, but then there are times...when I just want to be in bed! I really haven't been feeling well lately. Lately meaning the last 2 months or so. I've always been a sleeper, but now I can't get enough sleep no matter how long I'm out for. In the past going to the gym has given me bursts of energy that keep me up through the night, but lately when we go, it seems that I come back feeling good momentarily then I crash and burn. I'm just exhausted. I should be in bed right now, but unfortunately, it's not like it's going to matter. I'm still going to be tired in the morning, all day, and all night.