Monday, February 22, 2010


Wow! I couldn't believe I made my weigh-in. I weighed in at 135.8, only .8 above my goal. Thank goodness I joined the gym and made some healthy substitutions in my meals. I don't usually like salad, but I found a dressing that is absolutely delicious and that is the Newman's Own Light Up! Sun Dried Tomato Italian dressing. One tablespoon is only one point, is very flavorful and goes a long way.

On the not so disciplined side of things, I ate half a pizza tonight. I made a somewhat home-made pizza with reduced fat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and mushrooms on a whole wheat crust. The ingredients sound fine until you factor in portion size. I think that's one thing that gets a lot of us. We end up snacking mindlessly and perhaps we justify it to ourselves by saying, "Well, this was sugar free, and that was reduced fat so how bad could it have been?" But when you don't journal your calories or POINTS and you don't watch portion size, the odds are you're doing a lot more damage than your willing to let yourself think.

After indulging on pizza, I relaxed for quite a while in front of the TV and wanted to blow off the trip to the gym because I was tired. Of course I was tired! I worked a full day, carbo-loaded, and parked my tuchus on the couch. Fortunately, my boyfriend didn't let me get away with it, so I just returned from a late-night gym trip and I feel so much better!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm back! Plus, 1st Workout in 1.5 months!

This is my first post since after Thanksgiving. The holidays came and went after I met goal and I have gone off of plan. Maybe it comes from feeling a little too confident and underestimating the power that food has over me, but currently I am weighing in at 4 pounds over goal. I have gone to my Weight Watchers Meeting every week, but so far this month, I have not weighed in. I have hardly weighed myself at home either. Combined with my excessive snacking, this has been a recipe for disaster. I can feel the extra few pounds.

Monday when I weigh-in I am probably not going to be exactly at goal, but maybe I can at least get to 137, so that I can be one month closer to having maintained my goal weight(within two pounds) for a year. Not all is lost because of a few pounds.

What went wrong:
I've been really stressed lately because I HATE my primary job and I'm trying to get find a new job and get into graduate school. I eat and snack more when I am upset and/or on the go and I have not been tracking what I eat.

What I'm going to do about it:
I am going to put my POINTS journal out where I can see it. I spent money on it, so I might as well use it because it's an excellent tool. I'm not going to let a single morsel go untracked. Also, tonight my boyfriend bought us a membership to one of the local gyms. It's actually helpful that he made the purchase in more ways than just the obvious; because he paid for it, I'll be even more motivated to make use of the membership so I don't waste his hard-earned money. I'm hoping that I can use the gym as a stress management tool as well. If I go before I reach for the chips, I'll be less likely to reach for the bag when I get home. Why ruin all my hard work?

Tonight I did 30 minutes of cardio between two machines and also used some of the strength training equipment. I didn't want to push myself on the first day, but we do plan on going back tomorrow afternoon before I go to work at my second job.