Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm back! Plus, 1st Workout in 1.5 months!

This is my first post since after Thanksgiving. The holidays came and went after I met goal and I have gone off of plan. Maybe it comes from feeling a little too confident and underestimating the power that food has over me, but currently I am weighing in at 4 pounds over goal. I have gone to my Weight Watchers Meeting every week, but so far this month, I have not weighed in. I have hardly weighed myself at home either. Combined with my excessive snacking, this has been a recipe for disaster. I can feel the extra few pounds.

Monday when I weigh-in I am probably not going to be exactly at goal, but maybe I can at least get to 137, so that I can be one month closer to having maintained my goal weight(within two pounds) for a year. Not all is lost because of a few pounds.

What went wrong:
I've been really stressed lately because I HATE my primary job and I'm trying to get find a new job and get into graduate school. I eat and snack more when I am upset and/or on the go and I have not been tracking what I eat.

What I'm going to do about it:
I am going to put my POINTS journal out where I can see it. I spent money on it, so I might as well use it because it's an excellent tool. I'm not going to let a single morsel go untracked. Also, tonight my boyfriend bought us a membership to one of the local gyms. It's actually helpful that he made the purchase in more ways than just the obvious; because he paid for it, I'll be even more motivated to make use of the membership so I don't waste his hard-earned money. I'm hoping that I can use the gym as a stress management tool as well. If I go before I reach for the chips, I'll be less likely to reach for the bag when I get home. Why ruin all my hard work?

Tonight I did 30 minutes of cardio between two machines and also used some of the strength training equipment. I didn't want to push myself on the first day, but we do plan on going back tomorrow afternoon before I go to work at my second job.

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