Saturday, November 29, 2008


This is the best "before" picture I have. Almost all of my pictures show only my face.


Jo-Anna said...

Yay for blogging!! It's fun! You already know my "diet" advice. If you don't buy it you can't eat it. If you can restrain yourself in the grocery store, you don't have to restrain yourself at home. Then again, I don't have cravings for the sweet stuff like other people... I wonder if I'll ever turn into my mom and have to eat a candy bar every day or I wouln't be happy? It's like her drug.

Jo-Anna said...

PS, if I follow your blog, you'd better be following mine ;-)

Miss Meg said...

Haha. I can't see ever as being addicted to candy. It just doesn't seem like a likely reality.

The issue with food now is that josh is the grocery shopper. On the plus side, he loves fresh veggies, but he also loves grease. My mom's husband gave me a box of nutrisystem food (new, better stuff) and some slimfast. So, I have something to fall back on when he wants french fries.