Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blogging My Way to Success

I have decided to join the thousands of people that are utlizing the blogosphere as a support to achieve their goals. Yesterday I hopped on the scale and to my chagrin, despite my dieting attempts, I am maintaining a weight of 200 pounds. The good news is that this is an improvement over my post-failed engagement weight of 215 pounds. The bad news is that this is not healthy for a short woman.

I spent the entire day mulling over strategies in my mind. I compiled a spreadsheet using templates I found online. I decided to journal my daily consumption, exercise, and weight change. I did some research, and according to my calculations, I could drop 40 pounds in 12 weeks! Since I compulsively track my budget and spending, why couldn't I do the same with my weight? I think the difference is that I feel more shame at experiencing a weight loss failure than I do if I don't meet an income:debt goal.

Having been in the throes of disordered eating habits for years, it is hard for family and loved ones to sensitively support me from day to day. This may just be the ticket to getting through the emotional ups and downs on my journey to a new body for life.

I welcome all comments. I hope to be sharing good news with you all soon.

If you are interested in using my file, you can copy and paste it from Here.


Thomas said...

Hey Meg, good for you!! Wish you all the best, hope things are good, miss ya!

cynwoman said...

Thinking about you lots!