Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Yesterday was my weekly weigh-in and I lost 2.2 pounds! I can't believe it... all my worry was for nothing. 

For two days last week I was a bottomless pit! In those two days I must have consumed all of my flex points (that I normally don't even use). I can't tell you whether I did or not because I stopped tracking after I hit my daily target. Paired with lack of exercise, I was sure that was going to be a recipe for weight gain. For the rest of the week I didn't dare to get on the scale at home. 

But no, I hit my 20%! I am so glad that I correctly listened to my body when it was asking for more fuel. I knew it wasn't emotional or boredom hunger! 

Last night I celebrated by going to a local Thai restaurant where I ordered the Kee Maow (5 points/cup) and Dim Sum (2pts/piece) and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. I was very busy earlier in the day so I had a bunch of points left. I grabbed a snack before I left the house, so that I wouldn't lick my plate clean and had a great celebration dinner. I used a couple of flex points because that's what they are for (I need to keep telling myself this so I won't be too restrictive). This time I tracked the flex points I used. I think before I was almost ashamed to use them, but now I know it's necessary sometimes. 

After dinner, I ended up going for a very nice 2 mile walk/jog with my boyfriend to earn some exercise points, so I am feeling wonderful today!

1.8 pounds away from the 150's

12 years ago, the number 150 on the scale is what triggered a full-blown eating disorder, but today I would accept that number with open arms. I can't believe how far I've come. I feel amazing. I'm in better shape and have a leaner body than I've had in years. I actually don't think I've ever been this healthy! When I was much thinner, I had gotten there from long periods of starvation and purging. 

My next goal is to get into the 150's. After that, I will be celebrating the loss of 45 pounds at 159.2 and 50! at 154.2. Then, I will be looking forward to reaching the 25% (153.2 pounds) weight-loss mark. 

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