Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lose For Good Campaign


Weight Watchers is donating $1 ($25,000 max) to Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger for every mention of the Lose for Good Campaign on blogs, facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

Help me spread the word!

What's your goal for the duration of the Lose For Good Campaign? I hope to lose an average of 1 pound per week and earn 5o AP by October 17th.


์กฐ์•ˆ๋‚˜ said...

So I heard of a book you would like. It's called "In Defense of Food" I think the author is Michael Polock (or something like that). Anyway, the book gives you all sorts of info about how to eat healthily. Lots of suggestions on how to eat food that is actually good for your body and not just "low fat" or "low calorie". I prob will never have time to read it, but the teacher in the desk next to me gives me constant updates about what she's learning from the book. Check it out!

-mac00letz- said...