Friday, April 9, 2010


Hello...hello! My apologies to all. I have been dealing with some medical issues this past month or so. I had a tumor in my salivary gland that had to be removed. It was removed this past Monday and was benign, so now I'm ready to get back in the swing of things.

When I first found out that I had a tumor I was fairly angry. I've done all this work to be healthy and then I found out at my fittest that I had a medical issue! I really was floored. But now I am ready to recommit to my health and fitness. Since making my goal weight it seems that each week I became more and more lax about my eating habits. What I noticed the most was that I stopped paying attention to portions sizes and stopped journaling my food. These two things combined could have really done some damage. When I met made lifetime for Weight Watchers I weighed in 4 pounds below my goal weight at 131, currently I am weighing in at about 135, but before my surgery I was all the way up to 138. They say that a five-pound weight gain after significant loss should be a warning bell, so I consider myself warned. It's time to recommit to this lifestyle. It's obvious that the habits I've learned are not second nature, so I need to keep working at it.

One thing that really helps me stick with it is constantly looking for and finding new healthy foods. Here are some of my most recent finds

Kellogg's Special K Fruit Crisps 2 POINTS
Pros: A great on the go breakfast with a cup of coffee
Cons: Not the most filling, makes a mid-morning snack a must

Imagine Organic Soups 2 POINTS
So far I have only tried the Butternut Squash soup, but it was both delicious and filling

I'll be back soon with more updates

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์กฐ์•ˆ๋‚˜ said...

Just try to stay healthy until you're all recovered. Don't stress about weight... You can't exercise in your condition, but I'm sure once you're back on you're feet and back to the gym, you'll be fine.