Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fitness Challenge

Today starts day 1 of the fitness challenge.

So far, I only have two friends participating in the challenge with me, but I think it's going to be fun. This months' challenge is to be active five days a week for 30 days for a minimum of 30 minutes. Every time we complete our activity we are going to text each other with what we did and for how long. If one of us doesn't meet the challenge for the week, it starts over. Only when the 30 days are completed will we move on to the next challenge.

I want to start the challenge off with a bang by working out on day 1. I am really looking forward to having some support in fitting in exercise. I haven't had caffeine in a week and my goal is to use a combination of a morning exercise routine and proper nutrition to get me charged for long days of graduate school and work. BUT, I need people to hold me accountable for what I say I am going to do. I should probably get off of the couch right now, but I am 1.) very hungry and 2.) have a lot of homework to do.

Time to figure out what I am going to eat for dinner. I have 21 points left for the day, but I don't see that happening. One thing I LOVE about the new WW program is that you don't have to eat all your points every day. Some days, I'm just not that hungry. I am so glad they are focusing on how satieted you feel.

St. Patty's day I had three beers. I don't usually drink beer, but I'm part Irish and it was a holiday. Cost=10 flex points
I ate 1/2 a piece of greasy pizza after a bottle and a half of wine. I'm pretty sure my flex points are gone. Cost=most likely the rest of my flex points.

So after dinner, it's time to Move That Body


조안나 said...

I'll join you since I've been doing it since January. But I can't text you :-p. I do pilates two mornings a week and I ride my bike to korean class then to work and then home from work.

Although I'm sure it's hard in upstate new york, I suggest walking rather than taking your car if there are any close places you need to go. Put your groceries in your backpack and walk home from the grocery store.... if it's not toooo far that is.....

Miss Meg said...


I can do that now that I live in the "city" limits, but I would like to wait for the weather to cooperate. The other day it was 50 and sunny, but right now we're expecting 3-5" of snow.

The grocery store might be a stretch (3 miles) unless I start going to the coop or go to the ghetto mart down the street. :) Definitely good ideas, though. I am thinking about walking to class a couple days a week once it warms up.

조안나 said...

heck, and you can save gas too :-)

estetik said...
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abraham sen said...
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