Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm a Naughty Woman!

I have been naughty for a plethora of reasons. For one, exercise has been minimal, which is why I haven't been posting. Secondly, yesterday I ate 2 late night pizza slices. Not just 1...2! A friend of my significant other put it into my head that technically it was tomorrow's points I was eating because it was after midnight. I stopped after eating the first piece, but the rest of the pizza was sitting there in front of my face and it smelled soooo good. I don't even like pizza, but there I was, reaching for another slice. I had already used about 17 of my flex points because for "some reason" my hunger has spiked this week.

Afterwards, I felt like crap, and I still do... I want to exercise tomorrow. Can somebody make me? I really need to earn some activity points to both feel better about my slip up and become more healthy.

But as they say, with each dark cloud there is a silver lining. I have not blogged about my Monday weigh-in, but I lost .6 pounds. I was a little disappointed, but as I had said last week, it wasn't my goal to lose. The weigh-in before I had lost almost 6 pounds in one week, so I was hoping (for my skin's sake) that the weight loss would slow down a little.

My next weigh-in is in two days and for the first time I am GENUINELY nervous because I feel that there is a possibility I might gain. I hadn't utilized more than 3 of my flex points TOTAL (to date) until this week and now I am quite sure I used more than I am alotted. It's hard to know because that pizza was from some obscure restaurant. Most likely it was an 18+ POINT binge.

I am not a fan of losing control. This is really bothering me.


Jo-Anna said...

You're still doing fine. One mishap will not ruin you.

.... but... what? Significant other?????? We need to chat. Why aren't you ever on-line??? I'm changing my schedule to mornings, so I won't be on in your evening time much anymore. Things have been happening here too that I wana tell you about. WE SHOULD CHATTTTTT!!!!

Miss Meg said...

I know! It's so hard. I have a really crappy work schedule where sometimes there aren't even 9 hours between my shifts.