Thursday, July 23, 2009

Getting Active

At last week's meeting we talked about the importance of staying active and how to incorporate it into your life. I couldn't hold my tongue. I addressed the other members and asked if there was anybody in there who didn't work a 9-5, but instead had a chaotic work schedule. I finally asked for help. This is my scenario:
  • I am an assistant manager at McDonald's 
  • I work 45 hour weeks
  • Sometimes I only have 8 hour shifts between shifts (it's nothing for me to work 4-1am, followed by 10am-7pm, then 4am-1pm)
  • I do not have set days off
  • Sometimes I work up to 8 days in a row
  • When I do have more than 12 hours between shifts, I like to spend it with loved ones because I don't get to see them when my work schedule is stacked
  • When I get out of work I am exhausted (I wore a pedometer and I walk up to 14000 steps in a 9 hour shift)
  • I only get 1, 20-minute break because I am salaried
This is my situation now due to the current economy. I graduated from college magna cum laude with a double major in Psychology and English Literature and a minor in Gender Studies. I also too a few classes in Economics, but not quite enough for a minor, but here I am working at McDonald's again. Times are tough and entry-level social work pays less than my McDonald's salary. Grad school would be great, but I've already spent so much money on my much that I pay a budget crippling $732/mo. for student loans. It's no wonder crime and robberies are on the rise even in simple, small communities like the one I live in now.   

Now that I have justified my occupation to you, I can continue on after one request. When or if you go into a fast food restaurant, please treat the workers with respect. Many of the managers and crew are college educated (or on the track to higher education). I can't tell you how many times I get treated like a low-class, white trash, idiot. I lost count a long time ago.

Back to Exercise!

What did the other members have to say to me? They all concurred that I need to make time for myself. My loved ones are important, but so am I! Some suggested walking while eating on my break. I am not a fan of that. I need down time at work. Others said that I should do something active during commercials if I am watching TV with people, like jumping jacks, running in place, push-ups, or crunches.

Those are some of their ideas. Please share any ideas you might have for me by commenting on this post below. Thank you!

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Jo-Anna said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much. It sounds like you're super active at work... you're kind of getting a workout there without even thinking about it. You need to give your body a rest sometimes too. After work some days now I'm so mentally exhausted that I can't think of doing anything. When you have time, you will fit things in, but when you're super busy, you need to give yourself a rest.

Last year, when I watched TV I used to do situps an leg lifts. It doesn't involve much thought so you can do both at the same time...