Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where did the time go?!

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post. Time has flown by! A couple of weeks ago I went on a dinner cruise in Burlington with my boyfriend and about a week after that I was at the Country Club Music Festival in VT. On top of that, work has been crazy.

How am I doing? Well, 2 weeks ago I dropped below 150 pounds for the first time since junior year in high school (approx. 7 years). At the last weigh-in I gained a pound. I expected it. My activity level has plummeted and I haven't been tracking my points accurately. Plus, one day I left all my "good food" at my boyfriend's house and I didn't have anything at my mother's so I ended up going all out and having some Butter Pecan ice cream at 5 points a serving. Do you think I could stop at one serving? Oh no. I blew it that day. It was also very difficult to stay on plan at the music festival. They didn't allow any outside food, so I had to hide my almonds on the bottom of my purse. Every vendor there served crap. Lovely, tasty, crap. Pizza, Calzones, the best french fries in Vermont (Al's), burgers, and hot dogs. I found one stand ran by my favorite Burlington restaurant, Ahli Baba's Kabob shop. I ordered a vegetable curry pita for lunch, and a steak one for dinner. Even though they actually served lots of yummy veggies, I knew that thick pita was packed with points!

Oh well, that's all in the past. I am still here, almost 54 pounds lighter than I was 7 1/2 months ago and still going.  I should have kept up with exercise, but I am still working on that. 

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