Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Battle Plan

This Thanksgiving I am going to:

1.) Eat off of a smaller plate
2.) Eat slooooowwwwllly- because I do have a tendency to inhale my food at an astonishing rate
3.) Drink lots of water
4.) Have a filling breakfast- oatmeal perhaps, with a sprinkling of pecans or walnuts for crunch
5.) Go wogging with my boyfriend and anyone else who'd like to join- currently we're looking at 53 degrees and partly cloudy :)
Activity plan B is to watch a Christmas movie while using using exercise equipment
Activity plan C is to sneak off and do a workout DVD

What I want and plan to eat/drink:
Turkey (white meat only, no skin)
Miracle Mashies (recipe here)
Lots of veggies
Berry Pie with splenda
Sangria (with cognac and fresh fruit)
Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without a second helping of dessert, so I plan to make some fat free, sugar free chocolate pudding to have with fat free reddi-whip (YUM)
Yellow light food: black olives. Every year I eat an entire can, but this year I will have a serving (or 2)

A failure to plan is a plan for failure

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