Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weigh-In/goal change

This past week was week 3 of maintenance and I am doing just fine. I gained a bit last week, lost a couple this week. I'm trying to figure out my body and balance things out. Yet, as I wrote before, I am still not sure what my goal really is even though I have met the goal I set at Weight Watchers. I don't want to be too thin, yet I want to be lean and fit. I still feel I have a few pounds to lose, but definitely not many! Long story short...I have decided to move my goal to the 125-ish range. I am very short, only 5'1", and this is right in the middle of the healthy weight range listed for my height. I have lost all of this weight largely by making healthy food choices and with minimal exercise. Now it's time to become fit and be the healthiest me I can be.

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