Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today is Another Day

"A man's errors are his portals to discovery"
~ James Joyce (Irish novelist)

Yesterday is in the past. Without yesterday's blunder I wouldn't know what I needed to do to change tomorrow. It's apparent that it's very important for me maintain a routine. When I was in routine I was doing very well. Then, for a few days I stopped blogging, I stopped counting calories, and I still wasn't exercising.

Right now I am behind on my goal. Friday is supposed to be my 3rd weigh in and I have only lost 6.5 pounds as opposed to the full 7 I should have lost by last Friday.

This is my plan today. If I don't do this, I really wish someone could kick me in the ass. Right now I am going to get off of this couch. Then I will make myself 2 eggs which I will eat with an orange and a cup of tea. Immediately following, I will get ready for the gym where I will stay for no less than 2 hours.


Jo-Anna said...

Ur crazy, that's a lot of weight to loose so quick. Don't go nuts over half a pound.

Jo-Anna said...

Besides, muscle weighs more than fat...

Miss Meg said...

Well that may be true, but I don't know how I've built any muscle because I haven't been very good about going to the gym.