Saturday, October 24, 2009

My McFaves

Fast food does not have to be off limits to those trying to eat healthier or lose weight. I'm an assistant manager at a McDonald's ®. I eat 1 meal a day there, 5 days a week, and have still managed to lose 66 pounds in 11 months. I'm not paid by McDonald's® to write this, but I wanted to share my knowledge about how to master the F-words (Fast Food). Many customers placing their orders with me have shared that they are trying to make healthy decisions about what they eat, but then sigh and say that it's not possible to do so when standing at a register at a fast food restaurant. I will tell you all as I tell them... if it's not possible, then I would still weigh 215 or more pounds today.

Here's what I eat at McD's:

Broccoli Cheese Soup- 4 POINTS
Side Salad with a Honey Mustard sauce instead of dressing- 1 POINT
Southwest Salad no chicken- 2 POINTS (6 with grilled chicken)
-when I have it with the southwest dressing, I only use half the package or less because the glaze has a great flavor.
Bacon Ranch salad- 3 POINTS (6 with grilled chicken, 8 also with 1/2 packet ranch dressing or substitute a lowfat dressing like balsamic vinaigrette)
Small or Medium iced, nonfat, sugar free vanilla latte- 1 POINT
Small hot, nonfat, sugar free vanilla cappuccino- 1 POINT
Miss Meg's Veggie Snack Wrap (not a real menu item). A snack wrap without chicken, ONLY extra lettuce with red onions, crinkle cut pickles and tomato paired with a Chipotle BBQ or Honey Mustard dipping sauce on the side- 3 POINTS
Small Fruit & Walnut Salad- 4 POINTS
Yogurt Parfait- 3 POINTS
Vanilla Cone - 3 POINTS
Baby Cone- 1 POINT
Small Fry- 5 POINTS (I only order these once a week and ask for them without salt to ensure they are right out of the vat because if I'm splurging, I want them as crispy as possible)
Any grilled snack wrap- 6 POINTS
Apple Dippers (without caramel)- 1 POINT
Hamburger- 5 POINTS

I mix and match these choices 5 days a week on my lunch break without guilt, but I do not like to eat breakfast there! There are very few healthy options for breakfast. When I know I'm getting a breakfast break, I always bring my own to ensure I'm getting whole grains and proper nutrition to keep me fueled for the rest of my day. In a jam, I will get a folded egg and two pieces of candian-style bacon for 3 POINTS, but a breakfast like that won't last long, so I bring supplements. You could try an egg mcmuffin without cheese or liquid margarine for 5 POINTS; however, tweaking the McD's breakfast menu generally leaves me with a dry, bland alternative. When I embarked on this journey, I swore up and down that I would never sacrifice flavor for fewer calories, so I avoid the breakfast menu like the plague. There is no way I will eat the breakfast menu items as they are and eating the modifications (bland food), only fuels my cravings for "the good stuff".

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