Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beautiful Day

This morning I actually jumped out of bed. I woke up feeling excellent! Let's hope the rest of the day goes that well. I have had the last two days off and today I am closing up shop, so I don't need to be in until 3:30 ish. I wanted to write a quick post, but I have a bunch of stuff still left to do such as sun worshipping and yoga.

I have not started my contest subsmission yet. I've been spending the last couple of days re-organizing my life. I knew that things were hectic when I was with my ex and constantly travelling to see him, but my goodness! Finally, after two days things are clean and everything is in line, so that I can actually put new things on my to-do list.

My snacking goal is not going so well this week and my exercise is still average for me (1-2 days per week). Yesterday I indulged on two differen't WW treats for a total of 4 out of my 27 daily points. I am just trying to eat more responsibly and while the WW ice creams and candies are better than most calorie-wise, they are still not the best choice for the body. more of those for the rest of the week.


Weight Watchers Chic said...

I try to limit myself to 1 WW treat a day- I usually have it in the evening after dinner. I like fudge bars and the fudgesicle (Fat free and no added sugar)brand is 2 fudgsicles for 1 point and they are really yummy- I usually just have 1 for the .5 point- but it is a great way to give yourself to indulgent snacks a day for low points!!

Miss Meg said...

Thanks! I just bought a 24 pack of those. They are a delicious treat for 1/4 the points I usually spend to indulge.