Thursday, April 2, 2009

Trying to Find Extra Motivation

There's no doubt that I am a motivated individual, but lately it just hasn't been as easy to get these extra pounds off and I have yet to really kick it up. The other day I blogged that I was going to do a last chance workout like on the Biggest Loser. To be completely honest it was really half-assed and I hardly broke a sweat.

I have felt myself slipping this week. I hadn't exercised. Yesterday I went over my points and didn't even count how many I went over them by. I helped myself to 2 (sherbet and Sprite smoothies) and no, it wasn't Sprite 0). I didn't measure at all. It was a simple sugar binge. Today was my day off and I found myself sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating mindlessly. Again, I had 2 servings of sorbet. The difference is that I measured and counted points, but looking at my food journal today, you can see at a glance that a majority of my calories came from carbs (most of them simple).

I was feeling guilty and very disappointed at my lack of self control. It was a beautiful day out and here I was being a couch potato. Fortunately, I was flipping through the channels and stumbled upon a re-run of the Biggest Loser. The episode was about the first day the trainers met the contestants. I watched a group of severely overweight individuals race one mile through the desert to be guaranteed a spot on one of the two teams. If they can do it, why was I not outside running?

That was enough to get me off of the couch and out I went. It was kind of embarassing to be out there in my exercise outfit, visible to anyone driving by. I hoped they were not picking on me. I actually tried to convince myself that they were proud of me for running. I mean, all those slender people you see jogging might not have always been slender. You have to start somewhere. I ended up jogging/walking for about 2 miles. I took a small break to do housework and then I ended up working out with my new Biggest Loser Bootcamp DVD. Wow. Today did not end up being a lazy day. I am exhausted!

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thesunnydayshelp said...

I know it can be difficult when you think people are looking at you - but just be proud of yourself because YOU are out there working out and THEY are not!

Sounds like things are going pretty well - we all have those days when she just don't want to count points. I'm right there with ya girly :)