Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Must READ! Hydrogenated Oils- The Silent Killers

This article is a MUST READ! This is an article from David Lawrence Hewey's Food for Thought column.

Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killersby columnist, David Lawrence Dewey© copyrighted 1996

David Lawrence Dewey was the first journalist to raise the warning flag to consumers concerning the deadly health effects of hydrogenated oils in 1996.

The article is the most comprehensive and extensive article on the net about hydrogenated oils. The article explains what they are, when they started being used, and the deadly effects they cause ranging from coronary heart disease, to diabetes type II, to cancer, autism, food allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Provided are numerous references and links to research studies from Harvard Medical Research, The Helsinky Institute and other reputable research centers around the world. The article has been read by over 30 million readers worldwide since 1996 and is continuously being updated. Make sure you read the updates at the end of the column.

Before reading this article, I was avoiding hydrogenated oils and trans fats because my old health-nut supervisor told me to. Then last week my inquisitive other half asked me why they were so bad and I was semi-embarassed to not even know why... but here is this article to answer the question some of you may have also been asking.

Why are hydrogenated oils so bad for you?

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