Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting a Move On


A few days ago I posted a workout plan that I was supposed to follow the very next day. Well, it didn't happen that day...or the day after. The first day I spent doing my taxes and other odds and ends while thinking about exercising, and the second day I spent feeling guilty yet lazy.

Today was the day. I actually woke up before my alarm feeling FULL of energy! I ended up doing 2 sets of 50 sit ups, 20 minutes on the gazelle, and a 20 minute Pilates DVD. Then I did walking squats with resistance tubing on my ankles while holding hand weights. Then I cranked up a high voltage song on my iPod and went to town on bicycle crunches for about 2 minutes.

I felt so good at work and throughout the day. Except for feeling more hungry at lunchtime, my energy levels were constant.

Tonight after dinner I attempted to do my Biggest Loser Yoga DVD, but it was a little too intense for nighttime and the woodstove was wayyyy too hot. It seems like it will be a really good workout, I could get up early and do it, but I don't know if I will. It's already almost midnight.

One thing I Do know is that last time my goal for exercise was too high, at least for now. My goal for tomorrow is to do something. Something meaning at least 20 minutes of activity even if it is split in half.

Other random notes:
Someone said I looked smaller :)
My mother said I've lost weight in my face
-she also said I am getting my waist back...didn't realize I'd completely lost it :)/:(


Thomas said...

I hear ya, one of the hardest things is getting motivation to work out, especially when you are busy with life and tired. I applaud you on getting up before your alarm! I probably couldn't do it! Do you like the woodstove? We got one too for the winter, I like it, and it cuts oil costs down good.

Miss Meg said...

Thanks Thomas. Yeah I tried to do The Biggest Loser Yoga DVD again today. I started it, but it was too much right now. I just got out of work and am a little sore already from that.

I like the woodstove, but am allergic to all the crap that's on the wood.