Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Goodbye 190's, hello 180's!

I weighed myself both last night and this morning and it's true... gosh I haven't been in the 180's in a long time (since I had just started living with JoJo in SB).

For those of you that aren't familiar with Weight Watchers that means that I now get to eat one less POINT per day because the formula for the amount of points you eat per day includes the first two numbers of your weight.

I am fine with this. I was not sure whether to wait til the Monday meeting to go down a point, but I decided that changing my points right now is probably the best choice. Some days I find myself still trying to get points in at the end of the evening and most of the time that last 1 POINT isn't exactly a healthy last POINT. For instance, last night it was a Weight Watcher's brand cookie.

Upcoming goals to meet:

Incorporating Exercise

Increment of 5 (189.2) -will determine whether I met this goal at weigh-in on Monday

10% of my body weight/an increment of 5 (184.2)

The 170's

Due Dates:

Meet 10% by Monday 2/16/09


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Moonman Tim said...

hey meg.. keep up the good work!!!

edwina said...

congrats ... i knew you could do it once you set your mind to it .. i am so proud of you as usual . keep up the good work love your grammie