Thursday, August 13, 2009

The day is not over yet

...but so far I have not included activity. I spent most of the afternoon walking around the mall, however. I needed to get some dress pants that fit, so that I can be well dressed at job interviews and NY&Co was having a sale on pants and jeans (buy one get one FREE!). From there I browsed the bookstore for a while, then it was off to the other side of the mall to Target where I picked up some all natural chicken breast tenders, some lunch meat, Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD, and a jump rope. I have left Target the past couple of times without stopping at Starbucks for my skinny cinnamon dolce latte, so today I indulged. After that it was off to JCPenney to spend my $10 gift that I clipped from last week's flyer. I ended up buying this casual/physical activity shirt for $2.07 out of pocket:

Of course I could leave the mall without chatting up a couple of the cell phone kiosk guys; talking about the new cellular technologies and which phones we liked best, but I finally did leave. Would you call that activity? I have some sores on my feet that would suggest it.

This morning I made the mistake of eating a pathetic breakfast. All I had was a WW yogurt. I was going to have some corn bran, but apparently I forgot when I was busy writing out interview questions. When I got home from the mall I was starving! I made a quick 3 POINT sandwich to take the edge off, but I had to eat again almost immediately. I had some haddock, brown rice, and zucchini; leftovers from a couple of days ago. I still have a dull headache from letting my blood sugar get so low, but my appetite is still not suppressed with 13 points left for the day. I close for the next two nights, so tonight I will be staying up late tonight in preparation and I want to make sure I switch over to a closing eating schedule. That is, breakfast at 11 (or when I wake up), lunch right before work at 3, and dinner whenever business slows enough for me to eat. I loathe my constantly changing schedule!

I think I might still pop in the Shred DVD. Hmmm...

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