Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ruby! -Time to become uncomfortable

This is Ruby, a star on the Style Network. I love watching her show to gain motivation. If she can get up off of the couch, so can I. A couple of episodes ago she spoke a lot about how emotional this journey is for her, more so than she ever thought. All of her friends had trauma in their past that triggered their food addictions, but she had never seen herself as an emotional eater until recently. Ruby is buckling down by attacking her past and digging into exercise; pushing herself out of the comfort zone. 

Maybe that's how I need to approach "activity". I just read that on a message board (thanks). Someone wrote that one way to begin conquering exercise is to refer to it as activity instead. I think this type of reframing might work. Exercise, at least for me, has a negative connotation. Even when I just say the word in my head it makes me grouchy; it brings out the stubborn in me and I can't help but to dig in my heels and do something else just to spite it. 

Tomorrow is a new day. I am going to be more active, but I need HELP! Please hold me accountable. I will report back on it every day even if all I write is "I did nothing to increase my activity level today".


Weight Watchers Chic said...

I will hold you accountable- what did you do today? I am going to get on the eliptical and do a 45 minute walk.
I am still in my comfort zone, I need to think about expanding.. any ideas?

Jennifer said...

I will hold you accountable as well. You can do this. Upping your activity level will make you feel so much better and your body will thank you.

Miss Meg said...

Thank you guys!

Today I have an interview at 2 that I am about to get ready for. After that I have a JC Penney Coupon to use and I want to hit up NY&Co for their bogo free pants sale. Last, but not least, I think I'll search for Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD and start as soon as I get home!

WW Chic, what are your favorite types of activity? Once a year, when I go for a walk (lol), I try jogging lightly or sprinting a few telephone/light posts, and
if I think no ones looking I'll do jumping jacks. A couple ladies in my meeting gave me those ideas to include interval training when i do exercise.