Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Activity Points

So far this week I have exercised twice and both times I was inspired by the Biggest Loser.

The other day I began to bring more boxes into my new apartment and I started thinking, "Hey, this can be counted as exercise." Even still, I decided to kick it up a notch into a Biggest Loser-style moving challenge (against myself). I grabbed a box from the garage and either walked it, ran it, or jogged it to my apartment door depending on the weight and dimensions. Once the box was down, I pivoted and sprinted back to the garage. I did this until most of my boxes were out of the garage and I was quite sweaty.

This morning after having gone to bed at 4am since I worked til 1, I actually popped out of bed at 11 wanting to go for a walk. I tried to find a route around the bf's neighborhood that didn't include a main road, but to no avail. I had only walked for about 10 minutes and was planning on calling it a day when I walked by the park and saw these steps:

I remembered all the times they ran stadium stairs on the BL and decided I could do it too. I went up and down these bad boys 5 times, then I did tricep dips off the play set and squats by the benches. I turned my lame 10 minute workout into a 30 minute sweatfest and I feel fantastic! I'm proud of myself right now.

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