Monday, June 1, 2009


Apparently, for me, meetings are key. On Memorial Day Weight Watchers was closed, so today is going to be my first meeting in 2 weeks and I am most certain that I have not lost. Its more likely that I gained several ounces. I used most of my bonus points and was not very active. Plus, its not so much about how much I ate as it is WHAT I ate. Friday was my boyfriend's birthday, so I made him a cake; vanilla with coconut frosting. Normally, this would not be a threat to my plan and progress since I don't like cake; however, I made this cake from scratch and it was delicious! I set my limit in advance that I would enjoy one piece with my boyfriend on his birthday only. piece turned into 1.5 that day, one the next, and two bites the next. Plus, the night of his birthday we went out for Thai (the leftovers made 2 more meals). Luckily for me, he finished the cake yesterday, so I
can now get back to the program. I have a few big milestones and goals I want to reach, so it's time to pick up the slack.

This week I really missed having meeting. It seems that the accountability and support I get from meetings makes a big difference for me.

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